I Think I Killed My Dog or How I Used Natural Healing to Help My Dog

img_0017OK, I didn’t kill my dog but he certainly gave me the opportunity to practice everything I have been studying the past few years.  Walter is 13 going on 14, has cancer, has lost most of the muscle mass in his back legs, can’t hear but he’s still feisty.  We are off to enjoy our annual stay in a cabin in Dahlonega Georgia.  Typically our trip includes daily hikes on different trails through out the area. The dogs demand their hikes.  Once we are out of bed and they are fed the excitement is palatable.  Every movement we make the dogs are jumping around following us in anticipation of their adventure.

Before we left home we were contemplating  how we could leave Walter behind at the cabin when we went hiking.  Should we take turns leaving the one of the other dogs home with him?  We knew we could not leave him home alone. After a lot of back and forth on our 8 hour ride we decided, no, we would look for short loops that would not have a lot of elevation and reevaluate his condition on a day-to-day basis. Continue reading “I Think I Killed My Dog or How I Used Natural Healing to Help My Dog”

Dog Beds

I always have an issue when it comes to dog beds. Especially for large dogs. You can spend upwards to $80 for a bed that looks nice enough but the stuffing is useless. The dog may as well lay on the floor. If you spend $150, well then, now you can have a nice dog bed. Really? $150?

Louie would usually rather be on the floor or her special chair but my boy Walter is getting on and he much enjoys some cush under his body.

So I have started to put people pillows in the covers that came with the crappy filling. That has seemed to work great. Now the problem has become to find covers for the pillows.

So online I went and guess what? They still want $60 for a doggie duvet. UGH. Keep looking. I did find one company that sold covers for much less on Amazon. Dogbeds4less. But when you go to the website. No covers. Double UGH. I guess I need to check out Etsy, find a friend who can sew or worse yet get a sewing machine.

Let us know if you have a hook up for dog bed covers.