And so it goes

We are in one of our favorite places to visit, our friends cabin in Dahlonega Georgia.  I wrote about our adventures last year when we were here and had wondered if that would have been our last time to visit.  Our friend had the place for sale and good for us/bad for her she hasn’t sold it, yet.

It’s a quaint old log cabin that looks out over the Blue Ridge Mountain.  Peaceful, serene, secluded.  The perfect place to relax, rewind and rejuvenate.

Of course the dogs love it.  Acres of land to run, hikes, cool weather and thanks to global warming we are still able to enjoy the leaves changing so late in the season.

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Winter Mornings

I open my eyes.  It’s still dark.  I know it’s cold.  I hate the cold.  Puppies are waiting, gotta go.  Up I go, pile on the clothes, lots of layers ending with an old oversized mans leather bomber jacket.

Brrrr, no kidding its’ cold.  I hate the cold.    Sky is barely getting light and I’m off to my first stop, 2 very old toy poodles.  Smurphy, is a blind apricot, he is the little prince.  Vanna, is senile and silver and she is the princess.

I enter the house and no sign of the puppers, I go from room to room and finally find them snuggled up under a blanket on their dad’s bed.  Ohhh, so cute.  I get on the bed and snuggle with them while I gently rub their backs to wake them up.  I guess it was worth getting out of bed this cold morning.

Not actually Smurph and Vanna, but you get the idea.