Natural Pets

I have had an interest in natural and holistic care for my pets for many years.  Around 2000, I started by going to talks and seminars on holistic pet care, searching the internet and doing a lot of reading and experimentation.  My lucky dogs got to be the guinea pigs.

One of the first decisions I made was to discontinue semi-annual and annual  vaccinations (except for rabies as it is required by law) I made this decision after attending a seminar by a holistic vet.  Some of the points she made stuck with me; Continue reading “Natural Pets”

Homemade Dog Food

I started cooking for my dogs 5 years ago.  Up to that time I had been feeding a raw diet for about 2 years with great success.  Everyone was eating, they were all at a good weight, their teeth were amazingly clean, skin problems disappeared.  Then one day Louie G wouldn’t eat it, huh?  Then Walter turned his nose up to it.  Really?

I tried some commercial foods and the dogs were totally disinterested.  Plus I was feeding canned and kibble and the cost of the cans for 4 dogs was killing me.  Then I happened onto information on “breed specific diets”.  Breed Specific Diets can be found at this website by W D Cusick.  There is a charge for these recipes but Cusick has done all the work and information is detailed.  These diets are based on the types of foods available in an area where a dog breed originated from.  So a dog from Ireland might have eaten potatoes, fish, lamb.  A dog breed from Germany may have had a diet based more on fowl and pork.

So I started cooking for the dogs and it’s not as bad as you might think.  First off it costs less money and I buy high quality human foods.  (I have been known to spice it up and have it for dinner myself) I can change things around, use a different protein source or veggies.  The dogs also love it.  Hey would you want to eat processed food everyday.  Second it doesn’t take that long.  It takes me an hour every 10-14 days to cook it up and portion it out, voila! Dinner for almost 2 weeks.  Third thing is peace of mind.  I no longer have to wonder what the heck pet food manufacturers are putting in the food.  If you go to Cusicks web page and follow the links you will be appalled.

Good Fat Bad Fat A little more info about dog food.