And so it goes

We are in one of our favorite places to visit, our friends cabin in Dahlonega Georgia.  I wrote about our adventures last year when we were here and had wondered if that would have been our last time to visit.  Our friend had the place for sale and good for us/bad for her she hasn’t sold it, yet.

It’s a quaint old log cabin that looks out over the Blue Ridge Mountain.  Peaceful, serene, secluded.  The perfect place to relax, rewind and rejuvenate.

Of course the dogs love it.  Acres of land to run, hikes, cool weather and thanks to global warming we are still able to enjoy the leaves changing so late in the season.

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DOG TALES: Tiny Bubbles

I originally wrote this blog several years ago on a different format.  After some editing I have decided to share it again as I think it’s a cute vignette.
Can your dog blow bubbles?  Mine can, well sort of and maybe not on purpose but Louie G showed me this morning that anything is possible with a little ingenuity and smarts.

I was working at my desk, when I heard this odd noise.  I looked around and saw Louie G at the water bowl.  Apparently 1 kibble had dropped into the water bowl.  That would be a single piece of food, eats, treats.  No matter to her, she had to have it and she didn’t want to drink the water to get it.  I suppose in her efforts to get the kibble she was taking water into her mouth and if she didn’t get the kibble she was blowing the water back into the bowl and therefore blowing bubbles.  She did finally get her reward.
No wonder poodles are considered one of the smartest breeds.