Natural Pets

I have had an interest in natural and holistic care for my pets for many years.  Around 2000, I started by going to talks and seminars on holistic pet care, searching the internet and doing a lot of reading and experimentation.  My lucky dogs got to be the guinea pigs.

One of the first decisions I made was to discontinue semi-annual and annual  vaccinations (except for rabies as it is required by law) I made this decision after attending a seminar by a holistic vet.  Some of the points she made stuck with me; Continue reading “Natural Pets”

Z Grille

The weather here in St Pete has finally cooled down enough that we are able to leave the doors open to balcony and let some of the delicious cool air into the condo.  Louie G has made the transition from backyard guardian to balcony gargoyle.  She likes to sit out side and keep an eye on what goes on across in the other buildings and who goes by on the street.  Always alert to a dog being walked or howling along with the fire trucks going past.

Being that it is such a beautiful day we decided to leave the balcony door open and have lunch at one of our favorite places, Z Grille, which also happens to be right across the street from our condo.  The perks of living downtown, or maybe not.  Rob and I find a table, sit down and start talking.  Uh, oh.  What if the dogs hear us? Are they going to start barking?  No sooner had the thought crossed my mind and sure enough, we hear the dogs barking.  Can’t see them, just hear them.  And believe me, you can recognize a dogs voice, it is definitely our dogs.

Let’s be quiet and see what happens.  Still barking.  Sitting at the table trying to telepathically get them to be quiet.  No such luck.  Finally I just give a holler, Quiet up there!  Sure enough, they got quiet and we could have a peaceful lunch.  Good dog.

Calling All Dogs
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