I Think I Killed My Dog or How I Used Natural Healing to Help My Dog

img_0017OK, I didn’t kill my dog but he certainly gave me the opportunity to practice everything I have been studying the past few years.  Walter is 13 going on 14, has cancer, has lost most of the muscle mass in his back legs, can’t hear but he’s still feisty.  We are off to enjoy our annual stay in a cabin in Dahlonega Georgia.  Typically our trip includes daily hikes on different trails through out the area. The dogs demand their hikes.  Once we are out of bed and they are fed the excitement is palatable.  Every movement we make the dogs are jumping around following us in anticipation of their adventure.

Before we left home we were contemplating  how we could leave Walter behind at the cabin when we went hiking.  Should we take turns leaving the one of the other dogs home with him?  We knew we could not leave him home alone. After a lot of back and forth on our 8 hour ride we decided, no, we would look for short loops that would not have a lot of elevation and reevaluate his condition on a day-to-day basis.

Our first hike we went to a trail not far from downtown Dahlonega.  It was up a “forest road”.  Well we never actually made it that far up the road after 20 minutes of driving this winding, narrow dirt road we just pulled over and picked up a trail that crossed the road.

Smiling dogs

It wasn’t like the it was steep but it was a gradual uphill for the first part.  Walter did fine, we went slow, took water breaks.  He said he loved being out on the trail, you can see his smile in the picture.   The way down was much easier of course and the entire course was under 2 miles.

That evening he ate well, seemed tired but otherwise fine.  By the time we went to bed the stiffness had settled in and he could barely move.  When I picked him up to put him on the bed he moaned and didn’t move the entire night. My poor old man.

The next morning he could barely move. I helped him down the 3 stairs to the yard, he did his business but didn’t enjoy his usual recon of the property line. I brought my essential oils with me, but dang I forgot the one that would have probably worked the best for his stiffness.  Luckily I did bring along Anti-Itis Neat by Animal EO.  I put a few drops on my hands and pet it along his spine and down his back legs.  Then I did some Healing Touch, clearing his energy and balancing him.  I let him rest for a while and then gave him a massage, focusing on his spine and back legs.  He rested for most of the afternoon and by dinner time that night he was out in the yard, checking out all the interesting things he may have missed earlier in the day when he was feeling low.  The next day he was ready to hit the hiking trail again.This time we found a more level  lake trail  at Unicoi State Park and he had all the energy you could hope for and no downtime when we came back.  I made sure to apply the oils and massage him again that night.  He slept great and woke in the morning feeling chipper and ready to head out on his next adventure.

Another wonderful find this year has been our Raw Baltic Amber Flea and Tick Collars. Typically in Florida fleas are our arch enemies and several years ago we had such a bad infestation I thought nothing would get rid of them.  Then they came out with oral meds which worked great to get the situation under control.  After a while my dogs refused to take it so we tried other brands and they wouldn’t take them either.  While these drugs can be effective I went on search for a more natural way of dealing with pests.

Penny Lane with her Raw Amber Flea and Tick Collar

A few months ago I started with the Raw Amber Collars.  I am happy to say that we have not had any fleas.  I am also happy to say that after a week staying in the woods and hiking the mountains of North Georgia we have not picked up a single tick.  (We have checked them daily since we have been here) So I will happily be leaving these collars on my dogs for a long time to come.  Plus they look nice.


FYI:  We do recommend if you are using natural flea and tick deterrents that you check your pets on a regular basis.



2 thoughts on “I Think I Killed My Dog or How I Used Natural Healing to Help My Dog

  1. I would’ve felt really scared if that happened to my fur baby. I could not for the life of me try to massage him. Good on you for thinking quick.

    1. I was scared and I was scared before we went. I knew what he loved and I would not deny him. So, you take what you know and do the best you can. I let him live and enjoy his life, as long as that may be. And it’s been much longer than the doctors gave him.

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