And so it goes

We are in one of our favorite places to visit, our friends cabin in Dahlonega Georgia.  I wrote about our adventures last year when we were here and had wondered if that would have been our last time to visit.  Our friend had the place for sale and good for us/bad for her she hasn’t sold it, yet.

It’s a quaint old log cabin that looks out over the Blue Ridge Mountain.  Peaceful, serene, secluded.  The perfect place to relax, rewind and rejuvenate.

Of course the dogs love it.  Acres of land to run, hikes, cool weather and thanks to global warming we are still able to enjoy the leaves changing so late in the season.

Aside from the cabin being on the market we also wondered if Walter would be here. Well, here he is.  We also discussed what to do in the event Walter didn’t make it back.  We have a few more days to see what will happen about that. Would it be so bad to spend eternity in such a beautiful place?

When you live with aging pets you see that they are getting a little weaker, a little deafer a little whatever.  It’s a real eye opener when you go somewhere you have a history  and you get a reality check.  That gradual change you have been living with gets a big fat slap in the face  What you used to do, it’s a lot more challenging for them and for you.

First, we typically would have stayed in a second floor bedroom with the king sized bed, so everyone could fit in if they wanted.  This time we decided on first floor bedroom.  Last time Walter had to be carried up and down the stairs.  I could do that.  This year Louie G’s eyesight has gotten so bad that I knew she might go up but she would never come down.  And when the light wasn’t bright, no way she would be able to see at all and that was begging for a fall.   Being that I’m not getting any younger myself, no way am I carrying two dogs up and down the stairs.

So downstairs it was on a double bed.  Double beds are really small when you are used to a king.  For two people and two dogs….  Walter always sleeps on the bed.  Louie G doesn’t typically but she will when she’s a little unsettled or thinks something is going on.  Like the night before we left when all the packing was going on she had to sleep on the bed and first night at the cabin she had to sleep on the bed.  That first night the dogs slept great and the people slept little because of course the dogs were the first priority.  Dogs stretched out and people being scrunched up in the corner all night with nowhere to move.

Second, there are three areas to get off the back porch.  Two have just a couple of stairs but they are narrow.  The third is almost level to the ground.  It was heart breaking to see Walter.  He never had issue with these stairs before.  This time first time going off he totally took a header.  And coming up he really had to think about it and finally realized he had to bunny hop to get up.  I have been walking over the level entry to put that in his head as the way to go.  Getting old is no fun my old man.

On a brighter side, he does love to meander around checking out all the new smells around the yard.  Lot’s of room, lot’s of freedom.  And always close to mom.  Louie G enjoys running around the yard with Penny Lane.  And Penny Lane loves the horses.  So everyone gets to enjoy this rural life, if only for a week.

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