Happy 4th of July, or not

Today is the big day, fireworks!  UGH.  I used to like fireworks, now, not so much.  Sure I enjoy the big shows with all the fancy lights.  It’s the neighborhood fireworks that I find irritating on many levels.  First, I don’t understand why men like to shoot off things that just make a loud noise.  Please explain to me the redeeming value of this.

Personally I find it annoying as do my dogs and the dogs I take care of.  We have been having a lot of thunderstorms so the dogs are already on edge.  I had a walk with a yellow lab, Meghan, last night, it was thundering off in the distance.  Poor dear, I found her in the closet under a pile of clothes and then it  was a battle to get her out of the house.  I had to sit on the steps, pet her, talk to her, cajole her, pull her.  Finally she came down and peed but turned around and ran back up the stairs.  At least she peed, otherwise it would have been a long night.

Thunder is scarey

Yesterday I started putting the Rescue Remedy in my dogs water bowls.  I just want to get it in their systems.  Tonight I will go out a little early for my pet sits,  try to get everyone out before all the noise, turn on the TVs or radios, be sure the closet doors are open.  Then home I will have to deal with 4 scared dogs.  Rescue Remedy, Thundershirts, loud TV and a warm body they can all gather around.  Hopefully my neighbors will be considerate and not shoot off the fireworks, leave it to the professionals, somehow I doubt that will happen. Tomorrow morning when I go to visit my clients I hope to find them safe and rested, no torn up houses or broken windows.

Have a safe and Happy 4th.

Keep them Safe
Keep them Safe

Please remember:

  • Leave your pets home from the fireworks
  • Give them a “safe” place to hide; crate, closet, bathroom
  • Be sure they have on their ID and are microchipped
  • Play calm music or turn on the TV
  • Distract them with playtime or treats

3 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July, or not

  1. I wish the neighbors would be more considerate too! My poor cat hid so well that I had to look all around for him. I could only imagine trying to get a dog to actually go outside.

    1. Totally agree, in the last neighborhood we lived in, this guy was shooting off loud fireworks. He also had a dog. Duh, we finally went out and asked if he would mind shooting them off somewhere else as our dogs were so freaked. Luckily, he was nice about it and moved a block away. It helped.

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