Rain Rain Go Away

Looks like another rainy day in Da Burg.  This of course can cause some problems or not.  Some dogs love the water and the rain is no big deal.  Other dogs, if they even see a rain drop will not step foot out side the door.  LOL.

We will always try and convince your dog it’s a good thing to go our and pee.  Unfortunately, even if we get them out, we cannot make them go potty.  If we deem the weather to be dangerous; i.e. thunder and lightning, heavy down pours, we will play inside with your pet and let you know the situation.  Although we would love to be able to rearrange our schedule to be at your home when it is not raining, alas, our crystal ball and our schedule will not always allow this.

In the event that we cannot get to your home due to flooded roads (we will not drive through standing water, if our cars die then everyone suffers) we will contact you immediately.

Please be courteous to your dog walker and leave them the tools they will need for a rainy day; your pets rain gear (if they use it) and towels to dry them off.

Thanks everyone we appreciate you help on these not so nice days in paradise.