Awww, Look At That Face

Well we did it.  We didn’t mean to do it.  Not yet, anyway.  We were going to wait.  Wait until what?  Wait until we were one dog less.  I guess that didn’t work out.  

  We had talked that this would be our possible next breed and I said I wanted a puppy.  You know I haven’t had a puppy since I was a child and that is oooooso long ago.   Well, ends up Rob was at an event and saw this sweet puppy with a  rescue group.  Phoenix Rising Animal Rescue had a booth set up with of all things a Wheaten Terrier puppy mix.  So he comes home and  tells me about it.  Of course I say, “you didn’t bring her home?”

He couldn’t recall the name of the group so after a few phone calls and emails we locate Sharon at Phoenix Rising.  This group is up in Polk County, really with all the rescue groups in the St Petersburg area we find one that is 2 hours away.  But no worries, Sharon is coming to St Pete next weekend to finalize some adoptions and will bring “Fuzzy Puppy” with her.

The entire week we are back and forth;  do we want a new dog right now?  Do we want to raise a puppy?

Walter, our terrier or terrorist mix, has a tumor on his prostate, he has not exhibited any health issue with it as yet but more than likely it is cancer.  Would a new dog be fair to him?   We can not predict how long his condition will remain stable but once he exhibits problems his time will be short and there are no treatment options for him.   So do we want to take away from his time with us.  Also, do we want him to teach a puppy is anti-social, reactive behavior towards other dogs?  On the other hand to we want Louie G to have to deal with a loss like that.  Decisions, decisions……..

Saturday we meet Sharon and Fuzzy Puppy, we sign the papers and bring her home as a foster to see how it will work out.  She is too sweet, even Louie G has to give in.  Louie G being a standard poodle  we adopted from, Florida Poodle Rescue 8 years ago, can have that attitude that everything is hers, and she let the puppy know that the first few days.  If I look at it it’s mine, if I played with it a week ago it’s mine, you get the drift.  Well after 4 days, well they are now buddies, running around the yard.  The puppy, whose new name is Penny Lane, follows her around and looks for her.  It is so sweet to see them playing together.

Walter, well Walter is the real boss of the house. Walter came to use 7 years ago from SPCA Tampa Bay, when we lost our older Poodle, Spike, and Louie G was heart broken.  In the house he is low key and laid back, but if there is an issue he will take control.  Like the first day when Penny Lane went to go to the kibble bowl and Louie G was letting her know that all food belonged to her.  Walter lit into Louie G like there was no tomorrow.  Never had a problem again.

Dog A Tude

Most experts agree that dogs cannot hold grudges or plan their revenge.  Well, I think that anyone who has lived with a dog, perhaps especially a terrier might have a different opinion.

Over the past 2 years I have been able to take my dogs with me or leave them with my brother when I  have had to go out.  Now my situation has changed a bit so I am working from home but may have to leave for short periods of time several times a day.  Well, Walter has taken exception to this new arrangement of being left alone.  Not only do I think he is not happy I believe he plots his revenge.

It started that he would knock his kibble all over the floor.  A pain to clean up but I didn’t really think much of it.  Then it progressed.   He started moving the kibble around the house.  I would find several piles of food through out the house.  This was starting to get annoying.  That forced me to start picking up the kibble when I left the house.  Seemed to solve the problem.  Maybe not.  Last night I left an empty kibble bowl on the floor.  Walter had to change his tactics.  And in all my years of being with dogs I have never seen this.  He peed in the food bowl.  Really, what dog pees in his food bowl?

I know what the experts say about this, but  from my personal experience I can only conclude that yes my dog does plan his revenge.