Pet Loss


I was driving the other day past my old client George’s house and noticed it was for sale.  Brought back memories of my buddy George.  I didn’t know George a long time, only a few months, but sometimes that doesn’t make the loss any easier.

George was a last minute client for Christmas 2012.  Family was going on a cruise and the person who was going to watch George backed out.  I meet him and the family the week before departure, George was older and on thyroid meds, otherwise healthy, no big deal.

The day before they leave for a week I get a phone call “George is full of tumors.  If one should rupture he could bleed out.  Please don’t pick him up or squeeze him”  What!  Of course the last thing I want is the responsibility of having to deal with a cat dying on me, and over the holidays.

Well, it ends up George and I had the best time.  He was the most social and lovey of cats.  I would lie on the floor and he would curl up on my stomach and purr away until it was time for me to leave.  When it was time to go, I would roll to my side and let him gently fall off me onto the rug.

Needless to say, George survived the week and also a few more months so I had a chance to visit with him a few more times before he passed.  I will always be greatful for the short time we had together.  He was a sweet boy.  RIP George.

George the Cat

As I was driving yesterday, I went past George the cats house and saw that it was for sale.  It brought a lot of memories back.

I actually only knew George for a short time, 3 months maybe, but we had a real connection.  The family hired me to watch George while they went on a holiday cruise with the family.  It was one of those last minute things, I guess whoever was going to take care of George backed out at the last minute.

George was pretty old and was on Thyroid meds.  Easy enough, 2 visits a day, a little smear in the ear of the meds, some food/water, a scoop of the box, love on the boy and away we go.

Maybe not.   The day before they are leaving I get a call from the owner, “I had George at the vet, he’s loaded with tumors in his stomach.  Everything should be fine, just don’t pick him up or squeeze him around the middle”.  OOOOOK.

I did have a bit of stess worrying if George would die before the owners return, but we ended up having a great time.  George was a very lovey boy, so after I did all my chores around the house I would lay on the floor and George would get on top me.  Just sleep and purr for the rest of our visit.  when it was time to leave I would roll to my side and roll the boy off of me.

George and I had several more visits over the next 2 months and we had a sweet time together.  I was saddened when the owner called me to say that George had gone to Rainbow Ridge, but I am happy for the time that we had together.

The Unsocialized Dog

Why does my dog bark, lung or try to attack other people or dogs?  Well maybe you didn’t socialize them when they were small.

Dogs are like children.  Those first few months are so crucial to them bonding and being socialized.  If you haven’t socialized your puppy by 4 months of age, it may be too late.

Just after the holidays this year we were hired to walk a Chocolate Lab puppy named Zac.  He was so cute, all big paws and legs, falling all over himself.  His dog walker is named CF, and CF took him under his wing, taught him how to go up and down the stairs, sit at the corners, walk to heal.  How sweet.

The problem seems to be that no one can come near CF when they are walking.  At 18 weeks old Zac is growling at people when they come over to them on the walk.  CF confided in me that he though there would be a problem if one of the other walkers had to go and take care of Zac.

So how did this happen?  I suppose the owners never take Zac anywhere and now the poor boy is afraid of everything.  So what should you do for your puppy?  Take them EVERYWHERE, bring lots of people to your home and have them touch and love on the puppy, expose your puppy to everything you can safely and praise and treat them when they do well.