Why Did You Bite Me?

As you would know by now I have been a dog walker/ pet sitter for 10 years. Needless to say I have been bitten several times. Considering the amount of dogs I have visited over the years I don’t find this alarming, I figure that most people that work with dogs other than their own on a regular basis are going to incur some collateral damage.

I haven’t kept track of all the dog bites, how many and all, as only one was severe, but there have been a least a dozen incidents. I have no fear of the pit bull or the Rottweiler, this is the dog that puts fear in my soul and makes my heart race when I walk through a door.




Happy Anniversary to Calling All Dogs! 
This year Calling All Dogs will be celebrating our 10th anniversary.  In the pet sitting business that is huge, most people who start in this biz tend to burn out in 5 years or less.  Not to say that I haven’t had my days or weeks but with the help of a great staff we are 10 years old and growing.  
So to celebrate this great occasion I decided to share some of our clients through the years.
 Jill.  She would come and sleep over with us and as you can tell from the look on her face she was a little impish.
 Riley, although very sweet, was not well socialized and ended up being a fearful girl.  I hope she was able to work through that.
 Petey was a true love on my life.  Powerful and a lover.  His head was so big that when he licked your face you were afraid he would take your face off.   
Murphy with Louie G.  Murphy belongs to one of the Ray’s players and would spend road trips at our house.  He was a young guy and manners were not always the best.  Especially the time he ate my sofa.

 Dear Miss Lilly had to find a new home when her mom had a baby.  Hope she is doing well, we miss her.  Bailey here got her new little sister Daisy this past year and they are a dream team to be with.

 Kira lived in our building and loved to go for walks with Louie G and Walter.
One of our newest clients, Orion.  A great big lover dog.
And Wolfie, guess what?  Wolfie is a wolf hybrid.  
Thanks to all of our clients past present and future.  We love you all and look forward to another 10 years.