Cancer in Dogs

Well, it may not be cancer and we may not  find out.  Because is it really worth the suffering and discomfort?

Yesterday I took Walter to the vet for nausea and diarrhea issues.  She kept him for the afternoon, gave fluids and meds to calm the little mans tummy.  That all seemed fine.  And then…. she dropped the other shoe.  He has a UTI infection. And…. he has a mass on his prostate.  What does that mean?

Well of course first we treat the infection.  Then we can do a biopsy and an ultra sound and blah blah blah.  So what if its is cancer?  First off that area in practically inoperable.  Surgery is not an option.  Chemo.  I am not big on that idea.  Most dogs that I know who have gone through chemo have not added much if any time onto their lives.  They suffer through the chemo only to die a few weeks or months later.  Is it worth it to let them suffer through the treatment?

Prostate cancer or tumors on the prostate is suppose to be rare in dogs but can occur in neutered and un-neutered dogs.  The treatments are limited to radiation and chemo with most dogs passing within 7 days of diagnosis.

So what choice do you make?  My choice is to keep my boy as comfortable as I can and let him go peacefully.

Please let me know if you have had to make tough choices for your best friend.

Retractable Leashes-A Pet Peeve

Yes I once used retractable leashes.  I guess after you have an incident with them you are more wary.  Retractable leashes are not only dangerous for a dog they can also be dangerous for the people who use them.

The last time I used a retractable I was walking my 80 lb standard poodle, he liked to chase squirrels.  So one cool morning as we were walking in North Shore Park he took off after a squirrel, I didn’t want to let go of the leash because I didn’t it want it to recoil and hurt the dog.  You may guess that at this point the I got to do some face surfing through the dewy grass.  Luckily nothing was much hurt aside from my ego that day.  I was lucky a lot of other people are not.  Grabbing these leashes or getting your hand, arm or leg wrapped around them can cause serious injury.  I have heard of people fingers coming off.  Ouch.  And yes there is a disclaimer on these leashes.

My other issue with these leashes is people’s lack of control over their pets.  OK now you have an 80, 90, 100 lb dog on a 12 or 16 foot leash.  How do you control it.  I live in an area where more and more people are moving and walking their dogs daily.  The dogs are leading the way going where they want, rounding blind corners way out in front of the walker.  What if they see something, a squirrel, a dog they don’t like, (they may not like everyone), a skateboard, the UPS man.  Or something just scares them, how are you going to control that situation?

Please don’t tell me your dog is friendly and listens.   It doesn’t matter to me, my dogs are reactive and I try to avoid situations.  You make it so hard for me to do that with your long lead.  Don’t be lazy get a city lead and give your dog a nice long walk and you both will be better off for it.

Here is a lovely cut from a retractable lead.

Retractable Leashes