Take Nothing for Granted

The past few months have brought a lot of heart ache to a lot of people.  We give our dogs cudos for being so smart, smarter than your 7 year old.  As smart as they may be they don’t always make the right dicisions.

A few months back my brother was visiting my parents.  Gated 55+ community, lot’s of rules including no yard work/machines on Sunday.  So Sunday morning while he is packing up his car, his little dog Shorty, runs across the street.  Guess what?  There was a yard guy there.   He was speeding and Shorty forgot to look both ways, I guess she forgot the rule.  Shorty got hit by the truck and by that evening my brother, heartbroken had to put her out of her pain and suffering.

Last night, returning home we found an injured Yorkie.  We live in a condo and the dog was in the parking area for residents.  Poor dear couldn’t move and was in shock.  We went door to door through the building and found the owner.  She said the dog fell through railing on the balcony to the parking garage, 2 floors.  She said she told that dog over and over not to put her head through the bars.  I guess the little Yorkie just forgot that she shouldn’t do that.  Not sure how she is doing, still waiting to hear back from the owner.

This morning one of my pet sitters was walking a clients dog past a home with 3 spaniels barking in the window.  On her way back home she noticed 2 of the dogs in the front yard and a broken window.   She was able to get a neighbor to come over and get the dogs back inside. Lucky for them not one was hurt by the glass or ran into traffic.   I guess those dogs didn’t get the memo about jumping through glass.

The thing that we need to learn from this is that the dogs, no matter how smart still need us to take care and protect them.  If my brother had Shorty on a leash, if Yorkies mom had put something in front of the railing, if the owner of the Spaniels had restrained them from being in the front window.