Oh I Have a Baby Now

I am so amazed at how many people call me to see if I can help them find a new home for their pets.  Of course I want to help.   I want these fur babies I have been taking care of re-homed to a good  family.  But I am also amazed how people feel they can no longer keep their pets because they have a baby.  Really?  What is truly amazing to me is that these were the owners that treated their dog or cat like a baby before the baby.

So they adopt or buy this animal and treat it like a baby. And please let us remind ourselves that the trainers and behaviorist have warned us to treat our dog like a dog or our cat like a cat.  And all along we have ignored them and treated them as our babies. 
Now, enter human baby. Pet baby has lost it’s appeal.  They still love their pet but they no longer need it to be their baby. So now after spending years of developing this parent child bond with their pet it is no longer necessary.  Now, they feel guilty for creating this relationship with their pet. They no longer want the pet to be their baby and the guilt of the breakup is something they cannot live with.  It would be like getting a divorce and bringing your new spouse to live in the same house. 
You know what folks, your pet loves you and they will adapt to the situation. Because they would rather be with you than without you. Anyway every child deserves a pet and it is a proven fact that children who grow up with pets have less chance of having allergies and asthma. So give it a shot, treat your dog like a dog for a few weeks and see how well they adapt to the new way of life.  PS, you are not the first person to have a baby and a dog or cat.