Homemade Dog Food

I started cooking for my dogs 5 years ago.  Up to that time I had been feeding a raw diet for about 2 years with great success.  Everyone was eating, they were all at a good weight, their teeth were amazingly clean, skin problems disappeared.  Then one day Louie G wouldn’t eat it, huh?  Then Walter turned his nose up to it.  Really?

I tried some commercial foods and the dogs were totally disinterested.  Plus I was feeding canned and kibble and the cost of the cans for 4 dogs was killing me.  Then I happened onto information on “breed specific diets”.  Breed Specific Diets can be found at this website by W D Cusick.  There is a charge for these recipes but Cusick has done all the work and information is detailed.  These diets are based on the types of foods available in an area where a dog breed originated from.  So a dog from Ireland might have eaten potatoes, fish, lamb.  A dog breed from Germany may have had a diet based more on fowl and pork.

So I started cooking for the dogs and it’s not as bad as you might think.  First off it costs less money and I buy high quality human foods.  (I have been known to spice it up and have it for dinner myself) I can change things around, use a different protein source or veggies.  The dogs also love it.  Hey would you want to eat processed food everyday.  Second it doesn’t take that long.  It takes me an hour every 10-14 days to cook it up and portion it out, voila! Dinner for almost 2 weeks.  Third thing is peace of mind.  I no longer have to wonder what the heck pet food manufacturers are putting in the food.  If you go to Cusicks web page and follow the links you will be appalled.

Good Fat Bad Fat A little more info about dog food.

CCL Crash

“Walter ruptured the cranial cruciate ligament in his left knee. The front part of the shinbone was moved forward to change the forces in the knee. The bone is held in place with a bone plate. It will take 8 weeks for the bone to heal.” OUCH!!

Today Walter bravely submitted to having his second knee replacement. We had known for quite sometime that he had a tear in the ligament but seemed to be doing ok. Well that was until Saturday when he refused to put his leg down. That uh oh light bulb moment of , it’s not going to get better.

Monday morning I started the phone calls to vets and surgeons and much to my surprise surgery was scheduled for Tuesday morning. I was up half of Monday night with worry but happily the little man slept well. Up and out the door early. Rob and Louie G left in bed. Louie’s attitude was “what the…” when we left without her. But Walter, well he thought he was king going out with mom by himself or not. It didn’t take him long, when we got to the car he hesitated and kinda looked at me like “wait a minute…” I think he realized this might not be a good thing.

Up to Clearwater we went, he knew where we were when we arrived and bravely hung in during the exam with little problem. I stayed in the room with him for an hour until it was time. I was so sad leaving him behind. You know you are doing the right thing but you can’t help but feel the poor guy feels like you just abandoned him to aliens.

Walter came through great. For a few days he won’t feel so great but after 8 weeks the boy will be bionic and this will be a bad dream.

Rest well my friend.

What is that noise?

Well today is the start of the Honda Grand Prix in Downtown At Pete. For some this is a very exciting weekend. For some, like myself, it’s more of a noisey inconvenience. For my dogs it’s a major stresser.

If they made earplugs dogs and I could convince my dogs to use that might be a a solution. But alas….

Although the sound of the cars is intermittent during the day it does go on for 8 hours and 3 days. The first year we lived downtown we left the dogs home when we went out to work. The first day wasn’t bad by the end if the third day Louie G was having a meltdown. The cars are loud and very high pitched.

The following years we have left town with the dogs. I recommend to my clients if your dog has noise fears it is best to find a friend to take them during the day, doggie day care or maybe kennel for the weekend. Or do like we do, take everyone on a mini vacation.

Gentlemen get your earplugs!

Happy St Patty’s Day

Last night we took the dogs out to stroll around downtown and check out the festivities for St Patty. Central Ave sported a block party by Crowleys with beer, corned beef and cabbage and a stage with Irish Bands.

A little further down the street we stopped into the Ale & Witch. Typically entering this venue we have to be aware of our surrounding due to the amount of dogs that are in the courtyard. As you might remember Louie and Walter tend to be reactive to other dogs. Louie out of fear and Walter to protect.

So we just go the the perimeter and take a peak. The place is packed and the Urban Gypsies are jamming. Our friend Jeff Schorr spots us and comes over. Rob goes to talk to him and the dogs and I settle against the wall. Things are going pretty well, not too many dogs, one old Goldie comes over Louie acts up, I get her to sit and everything settles.

We have learned that an easy way to handle the reactive is to spilt Walter and Louie G up and do the intros one on one then bring the second dog in. We employ this method when the second younger Goldie comes by. Walt did well with his intro. Lou is still unsure. I will need to work on her confidence.

Dog lovers are coming over to say hi and greet the mutts. And they seem to be enjoying all the attention. I make a few friends the dogs make a few new friends and hey maybe we can bring the dogs to these outdoor venues. Just stay head up and intervene before the trouble starts.

So today we will rest after our night of revelry.

Dog Beds

I always have an issue when it comes to dog beds. Especially for large dogs. You can spend upwards to $80 for a bed that looks nice enough but the stuffing is useless. The dog may as well lay on the floor. If you spend $150, well then, now you can have a nice dog bed. Really? $150?

Louie would usually rather be on the floor or her special chair but my boy Walter is getting on and he much enjoys some cush under his body.

So I have started to put people pillows in the covers that came with the crappy filling. That has seemed to work great. Now the problem has become to find covers for the pillows.

So online I went and guess what? They still want $60 for a doggie duvet. UGH. Keep looking. I did find one company that sold covers for much less on Amazon. Dogbeds4less. But when you go to the website. No covers. Double UGH. I guess I need to check out Etsy, find a friend who can sew or worse yet get a sewing machine.

Let us know if you have a hook up for dog bed covers.