Hello Pets

Well my first blog in this format and being that it is the beginning of the summer holidays it must be time to shout out some precautions for our pets during the holidays and the hot weather.

Holiday get togethers are fun for us sometimes not so much for our pets.  So I always recommend to people that they give their pets a place that is their own, a safe place, a place they can everyone leaves them alone.  Creating this space needs to be done before hand so that the pet knows what it is and what it is for.  This space could be a crate or a room with some water, toys or comfort objects for your pet.  When you pet goes to this place they should be respected by the people and be left alone.  When they are ready, they will come out.

This quiet space is also good if your pet has phobias with fireworks or thunderstorms.  Cover the crate with a blanket and you have created an instant den for safety.  In the summer I always leave a large crate up for my standard poodle Louie G, at the first sign of or should I say sound of loud noise, that is where you will find her.

No alcohol or table food for the pets.  Alcohol can be deadly along with some foods, onion, avocado and grapes, to name a few.  Best to have your guests look away when those big brown eyes are so sad and longing.

Be sure pet is microchip and has on their tags.  Many a pet has run away during fireworks or a storm.

Watch that pavement!  I live in Florida, daytime, baby that sidewalk is hot and yes the pads on your dogs paws could be burned.

Have a great holiday!

Best Friends