Whose That Dog?

Introducing Louie G and Walter to new dogs, especially when they are together is to say the least, challenging. If one reacts the other will react and then the entire situation goes downhill. Of course the simplest solutions would be to do the introductions one on one. This, of course is not the reality

Being that I walk dogs in the same building I live in, I think it would be so wonderful if I could walk these dogs with Louie and Walter, not only for me but the dogs would have extra socialization, longer walks and I think a rocking better time. So this morning with the help of my trusty sidekick  husband, Rob, we did a dog intro on our morning walk.

Rob took our dogs, I picked up Katie and we meet in the parking lot across the street. At first Louie and Walter were all excited to see me, that is until they realized I was with another dog.  Walter was all about taking her down and of course Louie chimed in. Looked like chaos would rein. Good or bad Rob dropped Walters leash I picked it up and started walking him with Katie. Louie immediately calmed down and we had a really nice walk.

Now let’s see what will happen next walk.

Fearful Dogs

Well this came as quit a surprise to me. When I came in the house Abby, a mix breed became super fearful, barking, tail tucked, running away. This is a dog that I walked a lot when she was a baby. And not that long ago, last year. Lately the other dog walkers Andrea and Tammy have been her care givers. Typically I find that dogs will remember you. Especially when you do nice things with them, that is why I am so surprised at her reaction.

So I gave her some space. Sat down, ignored her, no eye contact, no touch. At first she kept her distance and if I so much as made eye contact she would run away. Now after a few minutes she is sniffing me and I can even look at her. Let’s see if she is ready to go for a walk.

What is your problem?

At least that was the question I was asking Mr Walt T today.  Beautiful morning for a walk and everyone had the same idea.  There were so many people running, walking, biking, strollers, kids, dogs.  UGH, dogs, lot’s of dogs.  This can turn our daily walk into an adventure or not.  Will we be able to walk down the street calmly or will we turn into crazy monsters and try to rip the other pups head off.

Things were going pretty well, Louie G interested in the hundreds of squirrels that were out and Walter smelling the hundreds of P-mails that were left for him.  Then a man with a little cocker spaniel approaches.  Walter seems good, tail wagging, calm posture.  Man says dog is passive, will roll over on his belly.  Ha, well no sooner does he say this and Walter has escalated to a 10 in .05 seconds.  I can take him mom!  Sheesh.

Walking again.  Rob has Louie G and I have Walter.  A little down the road and we see some labordoodley pup.  I move Walter off to the side.  I already know that he is on high alert.  Rob goes by the other dog.  Louie lunges,  Really?  Ugh.  So next we see a Great Dane.  No way am I going to deal with this, let’s cross the street.