Baseball Season, Done

Most of you will think” why the heck do the dogs care about baseball?”.

Well the answer to that is very simple, with the Ray’s out of the running Louie G and Walter will now have us home more often.

It can be tough on the pets when their owners are baseball junkies. Out 3 and 4 nights in a row when the team is in town. Coming home late with crazy give aways and dressing them up in caps and batting sleeves. The mood swings from happy elated yelling out the windows when the Ray’s win to the dejected moping around refusing to throw the ball when the Ray’s loose.

As for Louie G and Walter, they happily say good bye to the end of the 2011 World Series run for the Ray’s.

Wait…. Oh no, can it be off in the distance… I hear….. Go Lightning!

Collective sigh from the pooches.