Home Coming

We just returned from a faboulous trip to Europe, Portugal and Belguim.  We were visiting friends and site seeing the counties.  We had a beautiful time.  Our dogs, Louie G and Walter (who I thought about daily and missed dearly)  had to stay home with our friend John.  While I’m sure that he spoiled them mercilessly they were totally beside themselves when we arrived home.

Walter who is a talker on any given day whinned and complained to me on how hard it was for him to be without his mom.  If the boy could have crawled under my skin I’m sure he would still be there now.  Louie G, much quieter but missed us just as much.  She stuck her head in my lap and wouldn’t move for the entire night.  The remainder of this weekend I have spent most of my time home with them and of course they have been velcro dogs.

I wish they would understand that I missed them as much as they missed me.  Wish we could always vacation together.  Someday maybe we will figure that out.

Welcome home!