Dog Park

Needless to say I am not a fan of dog parks.  Unfortunately our standing play dates with Argus and Shorty have been put on hold for next 3 months.  Our buddy Argus needs knee surgery.  Yikes, says Walter, he knows what that is all about.

Even though the dogs love downtown living, all the people and smells, hanging out at outdoor cafes, Louie G still needs a good run.  So we left today for a ride to no-where, with the possibility of a stop at a dog park if no one was there.  At least the ride to no-where would give them some diversion.

I decided on the dog park in Historic Kenwood, under I-275.  The park is huge and shady, they have a large “small dog” area, which I will use if there are other dogs in the park.   There is a lot of traffic on the street so caution is needed when entering, leaving and checking all the gates are shut.  (They did do a good job by putting stoppers on the outside gates so they cannot be pushed open)  It’s also very noisy.

Our lucky day!  Absolutley no one at the park.  Louie G got her run, Walter got to pee on every blade of grass and 20 minutes later, long tongues and tired, hot dogs.  Woo Hoo.  Time for some AC and a cold drink.

Calling All Dogs