My Story by Louie G

This is the story about how Louie G got her name.  

Louie G came to us through Florida Poodle Rescue.  She was about 18 months old and had been used as a breeder at a puppy mill. 
So we get this beautiful, scared, unsocialized, sick, smart dog who has lived her entire life in a crate.  Now let her out of the crate.  
At first she was unsure what to do.  But it didn’t take her long to stretch her legs.  She would just run and run and run.  My back yard ended up with a rut from the track that she would run around.
So back to the name.  She came to us as Lacey #2.  She was so wild and kooky at first we called her Luuuuucy, ala Ricky Ricardo.  That didn’t really work.  Then she was Screwy Louie, she was still very kooky.   Then once she calmed down a little she became Louie Golden or just Louie G.

Happy New Year!

It is simply amazing the amount of need there is to find homes for pets.  The time I spent as a volunteer dog walker at the SPCA Tampa Bay was both heart warming and heart breaking.  I think the hardest for me was when people had to give up their beloved pets due to the downturn in the economy and were forced to move where they could not take them.  Many times these were older dogs and they would sit in their kennels looking out waiting for their owners to come back for them.

Recently a cleint of mine had been given a small dog.  He loved her very much.  But the wise man that he is, he realized he did not have the time to spend with this pup so he asked me if I could help find her a new home.  I said I would try but I did not feel confident that something would happen.  Well, every once in while the cosmos comes together and we can help.

Abbey finds a new home!

A week later a friend calls and tells us a terrible story about how she unexpectedly lost her long time dog and was heart broken.  That she needed something to fill up the hole in her heart.  Ahhh, light bulb moment.  It was a perfect match.

My inbox is constantly filled with pleads from rescue groups pleading for a dog’s last chance, clients asking me to help rehome a dog or a cat.  As much as I would like to help this is often a very difficult and time consuming task.  
So if you are thinking of getting a new pet how about:
  • Check the shelters and rescue groups.  There is a rescue group for every breed.
  • Pass the pet stores. 
  • Look at the older pets.  Typically the training will be done for you.
  • Ask friends and family.  Many times they will know someone who has a pet they can no longer keep.