Winter Mornings

I open my eyes.  It’s still dark.  I know it’s cold.  I hate the cold.  Puppies are waiting, gotta go.  Up I go, pile on the clothes, lots of layers ending with an old oversized mans leather bomber jacket.

Brrrr, no kidding its’ cold.  I hate the cold.    Sky is barely getting light and I’m off to my first stop, 2 very old toy poodles.  Smurphy, is a blind apricot, he is the little prince.  Vanna, is senile and silver and she is the princess.

I enter the house and no sign of the puppers, I go from room to room and finally find them snuggled up under a blanket on their dad’s bed.  Ohhh, so cute.  I get on the bed and snuggle with them while I gently rub their backs to wake them up.  I guess it was worth getting out of bed this cold morning.

Not actually Smurph and Vanna, but you get the idea.