Well the Pippen is back for the week and it has been a blast.  For some more than others.  If any of you remember Pippen is the little Yorkie I adopted over 2 years ago, lived her 1st 3 years in a puppy mill and came with a boat load of issues.  Well she has moved in with my parents.  My mom said she could “fix” her.  Good luck with that.  Although she has come a long way since I got her, progress is often painfully slow with many steps backward.  But happily with all her problems (yet to be “fixed”)  she has stolen their hearts.  She is just too dang cute, thank goodness.

It’s funny her and Walter always seemed so attached.  Now that she has come to visits he wants nothing to do with her.  It’s almost sad the way she will run over to him and want to be all cuddly and he just snarls and walks away.  Louie G who would play with her all time would rather just give her a smack down.  I don’t understand how they can resist the cute factor.  I guess that’s dogs for ya.                  Calling All Dogs, Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Love in the Elevator

Well, maybe not.  The things that you need to learn to deal with when you move into a condo.  Elevator etiquette or lack of.

We have been teaching Louie G and Walter some rules when riding the elevator.  They have to sit the entire ride and there is no standing at the door no matter which side we are on.  We have had several instances when the door open a dog is charging either off or on, so we make our guys stand back so we don’t go into an instant dog fight.

My dogs have two very different responses to a charging dog.  Walter will go into fight mode (although he couldn’t win a fight with a paper bag).  Louie G goes into flee mode.  Run away, run away.

So last night we are going down in the elevator, the door opens and two labs are charging the door.  One yellow lab (who I know is friendly), one black lab (who I know is a biter.)  Yellow lab breaks free and charges into the elevator.  OMG!  Walter hackles up, snarling which makes the nice lab respond in like.  The owner can do nothing as he has the biter.  OMG!  Elevator door closes.  OMG!  Louie G is trying to run away.  OMG!

Fortunately, I talked calmly to everyone and the situation calmed along with the talk.  Now the elevator door opens and lucky the other owner was able to get the biter on the other side of a door and we were able to leave without further incident.  Heavy sigh.

Most people blow it off by saying “oh my dog is friendly'”.  Guess what folks, when your dog is charging at my dog, my dog is not going to be friendly.   When entering a door with a dog and you are not sure what is on the other side.  Stand back.