Downtown Dogs

Well for years I have wanted to live downtown.  Finally my household of dogs and cats has gotten manageable in both the size and age of the everyone involved.  So off we go to live in beautiful downtown St Petersburg.

Rob and I have been bringing to dogs down to acclimate them to the sights and sounds of being in a downtown.  That was not such a big deal as we walked Central Ave on a daily basis and have been exposed to air brakes, sirens and big trucks. They enjoy all the extra walking and our ability to go on a different walk just by turning up a different street.

Louie G, downtown dog

Our morning walks will typically take us to one of the three Starbucks in the neighborhood.   Our visit the one on 1st Ave N is a two person visit as one of us has to stay outside with the dogs.  Walter and Louie love to hang out on the side walk and people watch while we wait for our coffee.  Occasionally we will see another dog and that might cause a little disturbance, but for the most part the dog owners and walkers are aware and good about going around potential problems.

Our second Starbucks on 1st St South will actually allow us to bring the dogs in when we come for the coffee.  This of course is Walters favorite.  He feels very special when he gets to go in the store.

Well we will keep you posted on the adventures of Walter and Louie G, Downtown Dogs.