A Little Romance

Is there something in the air?  Is it Spring?  Waltee’s in love or at least playing Romeo.   

Waltee has a new girlfriend, Kaylee, a yellow lab that lives on the corner.  I’m not really sure when this romance started but it has been progressing over the past few months.  Walt knows when Kay is in the park, he will sit by the window pining away.  When we walk past her yard it’s all I can do to keep him off the fence. 

Sunday morning he made his great escape.   My neighbor, Larry, was reading his Sunday paper when he heard a scratching at his front door.  When he went to investigate he found our lover boy Walter sitting nicely on his front step, waiting to be invited in to see his girlfriend.

Displaced Puppies

I have had to have some work done on my home the past few days and we have had to adjust our lives to the workmen in the house.  For me it has been a mere inconvenience for my poor buddies it has included being displaced and having their schedules thrown out of tune.

The first day they did pretty good.  They got to go to visit their cousins, Argus, Shorty and Kayly.  That was fun for one day and made for a couple of pooped dogs that night.  The second day I took Walter and Pippen to the groomer.  Seemed like a good idea at the time (this will be another story).  Louie G got to stay home with me.  Day three, we have all just about had it.  I took Louie G and Walter to the cousins.  Not as good as the first time when they were all excited.  Louie G tried to glue herself to my leg, like a kid at the first day of school.  You’re not going to leave me here are you?  Mommm……….

The little Pip got to stay home with me in the cold house, well we had a space heater in the room we cloistered ourselves in.  No fun, couldn’t even see the strangers to bark at them all day.

Yeah!  The men are finished working, a quick clean up off to pick up the big kids and some maddness when everybody gets to come home!