DOG TALES: Tiny Bubbles

I originally wrote this blog several years ago on a different format.  After some editing I have decided to share it again as I think it’s a cute vignette.
Can your dog blow bubbles?  Mine can, well sort of and maybe not on purpose but Louie G showed me this morning that anything is possible with a little ingenuity and smarts.

I was working at my desk, when I heard this odd noise.  I looked around and saw Louie G at the water bowl.  Apparently 1 kibble had dropped into the water bowl.  That would be a single piece of food, eats, treats.  No matter to her, she had to have it and she didn’t want to drink the water to get it.  I suppose in her efforts to get the kibble she was taking water into her mouth and if she didn’t get the kibble she was blowing the water back into the bowl and therefore blowing bubbles.  She did finally get her reward.
No wonder poodles are considered one of the smartest breeds.

Morning Again

Click, click click. Click, click, click. 6 AM. Click, click, click. Go lay down. Click, click, click. UGH. So if I open the doggie door she’ll go out and pee and come back, I can go back to bed. No big deal right?

Bark, bark, bark. Bark, bark, bark! Oh no, the red alert bark. There go the other two. BIG BARK BARK BARKS!!!!!!

Double UGH! Has to be a possum. Still dark out, I better dress and put something on my feet. Who knows what will happen. Trying to yell quietly and not wake the world. I thought Possums were suppose to play dead when they are under attack?! Every one that comes into my yard stands up on their back legs, mouth open, teeth slashing, big claws on their paws and looking at you with those beady eyes.

“Go inside! Leave it!” I’m sure my neighbors think I’m nuts. Pippen retreats to the house, she gets very nervous when I’m upset. Walter is not as cooperative but I finally get him in. Louie G, can you say high prey drive. I chase her back and away, she circles around and makes another lunge, chase her back again. This game goes on for several minutes. Then I have an idea, “SIT”, she does and holds it. Thank you Louie G.

All guess all those sit/stays have paid off……. Let’s go back to bed.


There are actually 2 cats in the house or I should say on the property. The cats no longer live in the house as Louie G likes kitty pot pies.

Puddy is the garage cat. Puddy turned 20 on March 17th. She very old and senile, spending most of her day crying for food and then turning up her nose to it. She never really was a very nice cat. I was the only one she ever liked and that was on a part time basis. People come to the house and I have to warn them, “don’t worry about the dogs biting, watch out for Puddy”.

Puddy was her happiest when we lived at the Cove in Tampa. She would head out in the morning and visit all the apartments by the bay. They called her the mayor, everyone knew her, most of them liked her.

Of course being a cat she gravitated to the people who didn’t like her. Like the Saturday Puddy was no where to be found. She would always come when I whistled for her or when she heard the flip-flop of my flip flops. Nope, no Puddy. Finally sitting out on the deck I see her, there she is, in the window of the apartment across the parking lot, Eric’s apartment, Eric who hates Puddy, Eric who has left town for the weekend. Yikes!
All’s well that ends well I suppose. The ladies in the rental office did like Puddy and opened the door so she could get out. Wheww. And maybe I got lucky also, Eric never spoke to me again.