Snuggled up with all of the pups. It’s still dark outside, the bed is warm and cozy. And then push, push, push. The tiny paws of my 7 lb Yorkie, Pippen the Peanut, waking me up. Every morning at 6:30 am. All I want to know is who gave her the alarm clock. No sleeping in around here.

I guess it’s better than Louie G, my standard poodle, she likes to get up at 4:30, every day. At first I thought she had to go potty. Silly me. That is about the time of the morning when the feral cats and possums are moving around. Once I open the door she is barking and chasing everything away, along with waking all my neighbors and worse yet catching a possum from time to time. UGH!

Walter, I call him my terrorist mix. For all his bad behaviors he is the only one happy to lay around with me in bed. Good dog.